Investing in YouTube Video Views: Is It Worth the Price

In a nutshell, yes. Investing in video views for YouTube via "pay per view" sites is a worthwhile investment, especially if you think of it as a long-term one, as opposed to a short-term burst of views that won't impact your future views in any way, shape, or form. Buying YouTube views from a trustworthy vendor is a surefire way for you to increase the views of your videos in a natural manner (as opposed to bots artificially boosting your youtube video views ). You'll be able to generate increased viewership of your channel on your intended market by buying YouTube views that specifically cater to your target demographic, instead of using misleading titles or thumbnails that will have your video end up flagged.

 Things You Need to Aim for When Investing in YouTube View Purchases

 ¾     One of your major goals when investing in YouTube view purchasing is to have your videos included in relevant groups or listings of interest in your designated niche market of sorts, so that every view will count and every viewer who'll view your marketing video is a prospective customer. This is much better than other view count raising tactics that have you end up wasting bandwidth on people who aren't even interested in what you're selling.

 ¾     While having huge amounts of traffic from people via misleading titles and thumbnails looks good on your view count, it does not translate to actual sales and you're ultimately making "enemies" of people who were "tricked" into watching your video. It's better to be honest and buy YouTube views for video than to resort to deception to earn those extra views.

 ¾     Buying YouTube views may seem like astroturfing, but it's something that some small-scale businesses will have to deal with in order to make a significant impact on the Worldwide Web in light of the thousands or even hundreds of thousands of video content available on the video-viewing site. Soon enough, the deluge of hits you'll be getting are those that come naturally from your visitors.

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