There are lots of varieties of rug support, from synthetic, natural, rubber, PVC up to recycled materials. Buying any kind of rug should do their job at first, but in the long run, only few can hold up to their desired function later on. When choosing the right rug pad, some questions should be asked first. Can it support any rug? Does it need extra thickness? What type of rug accessory is the best? After asking this, one will surely find the perfect rug support.

What do Rug Pads Do?

The most popular use of pads is to support the rug from slipping when walked on. This is important especially whenever there are kids running around the room, which is uncontrollable. That is why a support is essential to avoid accidents having a safer and secured home. Not everyone notices but the bottom part of the rug is the most prone to wear outs because it is constantly being rubbed on the hard floor. Pads can help in decreasing the chances of the rug from being worn out, giving a much longer life to the rug.

Maintaining Rug Pads and Carpets in your House

Of course the main reason why one buys a rug is to beautify a room, but that doesn’t mean that the floor has to suffer from friction. The friction is caused whenever someone walks on the rug, damaging the floor finish with cracks and unwanted flaws. This could be avoided if there is a support under the rug. Another thing that could be benefited when a rug support is bought is the efficiency in cleaning the rug, especially with vacuum. Most of the time, the dirt goes down the rug and just stays there unnoticed even when vacuumed. The rug support will also keep the rug from being dirty.

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