With all the problems already present in the society today and the major calamities that have stricken even progressive countries, it will not be a surprise to see a rising number of people embracing the prepper blog way of life. The only downside is that sometimes, people view this lifestyle as weird because of preppers who go overboard in taking precautionary measures.

You can be a prepper and at the same time “blend in”.


“Reward” for Goal Hit

            Saving the money for valid and urgent purposes, and buying emergency supplies is a good move. But when you have already completed your list, do you really need to limit yourself from the joy of buying a reasonable item that is not for the rainy day? When you have enough stash to last the days or months you want to be prepared for, buying a good pair of shoes or taking your kids to a holiday is a good reward to you and your family. Enjoy the world yet brace for any unexpected circumstances.


Some “Attitude”

            For some, along with a prepper attitude sometimes come pessimism and paranoia. They get themselves ready at all times because they look at the world as unsafe. They may exaggerate the strong rain and miss the party at the next town because they had to check on the news for flood warnings.  Some get more scared of the world as the list of what to anticipate all pile up.

What’s more, some preppers try to influence others in a negative way, insisting their practices into people’s routine. People are different. Some choose to prepare while others “cross the bridge when they get there”.  Even convincing your children to be a prepper may take some time.


            Being a prepper is a positive trait. Just do not kill the joy while being one. Click here to know more about this




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