A registry cleaner is a type of application program designed for cleaning the registry file of the system. The window registry can become fragmented the disk over time, which lead the cleaner performance problem of the system. There are number of legitimate program install in a registry software for clean the window registry file. There is also design for remove the (nonexistent) causes and also help for remove the misleading file from the system.

A registry cleaner is utility software made for window operating system. The purpose of PC cleaner is clean the registry file and fix the causes of window operating system.

The need of registry cleaner came out because older version of window operating system tended to slow down because of the size and complexity of the registry database after a while of use manually work is so hard to it so registry cleaner is easy for cleanup the invalid entries, missing invalid link registry entries of the operating system.

 The window registry is an essential system file that houses a massive collection of details about the computer- where the entire application program is stored in it. Which helper programs to share among with a various applications, listings of all your start-menu shortcuts, and pointers to the program that fire up when you click on an icon.

There is some registry error on window operating system like: registry fragments when software is uninstalled upgrade or update, system shutdown errors. Each time your computer shutdown, a copy of registry is saved to the system memory so the cause affect on the system problem.

The window registry is the root of the system directory, every little bit of the system information is locate into the directory, software, drivers, user information or other information of the system store in it.

When some application file is left behind and reference becomes outdated, as a result the computer slows down and product produce registry related error or system become un-stable.

 So there are numerous types of registry cleaner tools are available on the internet but best is swift PC optimizer because that fix common registry errors, such as missing shared DLLs, incorrect file extensions, invalid paths, missing shortcuts, orphan Active X objects, invalid devices, invalid links to startup programs, and lots more.

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