There are numerous creative ways to loosen a simple but tough nut or bolt when it refuses to collaborate with the mighty lever. Hanging from required situation, you may possibly want to attempt some practical techniques just to obtain that resistant piece of hard tiny metal in accordance to your will.

Before we initiate ourselves to a rudimentary form of nuts and bolts elimination challenge, let's reconsider the fundamentals; it's right (clockwise) to tighten, and left (counter-clockwise) to loosen, unless it's a left-handed thread. Look for an "L" on the top of the stud or bolt to identify left-handed threads.

The methodology below are valid only to nuts and bolts that utilized metal and plastic application protocols, this only means that nails, screws or staples are excluded to the discussion due to wood application. Keep in mind that it could be essential to work both ends of the fastener with a tool to hold it in place or To know more on the different types of fasteners you can visit It is a website that surely accommodates all your inquiry regarding to fasteners.

Here are some of practical ways to get fasteners;

  • Put penetrating oil to the joint that is frozen or rusted.
  • Tap severely the nut or bolt using a hammer, taking care not to damage the nut or bolt head.
  • Squeeze a little bit at first and then loosen.
  • Apply a so called impact wrench - electric, pneumatic or manual medium
  • Heat the fitting with a blowing torch
  • Blow the far end of your wrench with a heavy mallet to act as an impact wrench.
  • Use a longer wrench or employ a "cheater bar" to attain optimum leverage.
  • If your endeavours gave way in a rounded over nut or bolt, use a pair of vise grips to get a grip.




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