Stamped concrete is a great addition to any project and many people who have used this development have been giving it nothing but rave reviews. It can be a great addition to your space but something new like it will often leave you scratching your head and wondering how to maintain it properly. Concrete floor staining may seem difficult to keep up but with the help of these few tips, you can maintain yours and keep it in top condition.


Stamped concrete is naturally durable so there is nothing much to worry about on that end. It does not require too much maintenance and it can even withstand extreme weather conditions so there are no specific hard set rules to keep it protected. When you have stamped concrete, the important part in keeping it maintained for a long time is to actually try to preserve its finish and its aesthetic value.

Color hardener

One thing that you might want to keep handy is a color hardener that you can apply on top of your stamped concrete. These hardeners not only make the concrete durable but it also imparts a nicer color and finish. The substances comprising them are known to make to concrete more resistant to moisture, abrasion, and dirt. This product often comes highly recommended because it lends the concrete a vibrant and unique color.

Protective sealer

This is an alternative to the color hardener and has the advantage of giving protection that can often last for years and even decades. Apart from protecting from moisture and dirt, it can also protect from certain chemicals, grease, oil and other harmful substances.

Wash and wipe

Maintenance for this particular material will only involve regular washing and wiping with a gentle cleaner. You should also sweep and dust regularly to avoid the buildup of dust and dirt. Stamped concrete situated outside can also be cleaned by manually scrubbing or pressure washing with the help of soap and cleansers.


Applying wax on your concrete floor and scrubbing it can also lend the material a glossy finish. Waxing can also provide protection.

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