Floors make up the whole layout and the floor plan of a building. It provides a surface to walk through in a spatial plane around the house. What makes it interesting is that there are other forms of materials which make it. There are a lot if materials which makes a floor. They are a follows.

·         Soft cover floors – these floor materials include the carpets, linoleums and the vinyl tiles

·         Wood – includes bamboo and wood parts which makes the subfloor and the floor layers

·         Resilient or flexible flooring – floors of these types are made of a combination of materials

·         Hard – stone slabs, granite and cement makes up these types

·         Chemical – they are casts or molds which are doused over the floor layer to make the floor surface


Floors could be set up to have ornaments on it. These ornaments make special design and theme to the overall floor plan and would make the floor interesting to look at. It could be made of any materials and could be any of these.

·         Floor medallions – makes the decorative parts of the floor

·         Gratings – drains water off shoes and prevent slips

·         Rumble strips – for wheelchair ramps

·         Molding – decorations on the sides of the floor

·         Anti-slip mats  makes walking easier and prevents slipping through the tile

·         Doormats – help keep the floor clean

·         Light strips – special purposes and for escape routes especially on airplanes

Things to take into account

While it is easy to construct floors of the same material, always remember that some floor would create problems like squeaking and vibration. At Hudsonflooring.co.uk, professional advice about floors is offered to create sturdy and interesting floors while preventing damage and possible floor failure. They also offer choices of floor covers and materials at the most reasonable price.

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