Offshore companies are business firms that are listed and authorized outside the owner’s country of origin. They are mainly used for global business and trading, asset and stock prediction as well as tax arrangement. Typically, the company is a team of enthusiastic bankers, tax specialists, accountants and lawyers. They offer a lot of services including legal services, accounting services, banking services, global tax planning and many more. Their job is primarily helping entrepreneurs in building business outside their country and maintaining the smooth flow of the business.

List of offshore companies around the world

  • BVI Offshore Company
  • Belize Offshore Company
  • Dominica Offshore Company
  • Delaware Offshore Company
  • Cyprus Offshore Company
  • Hong Kong Offshore Company
  • Seychelles Offshore Company
  • Panama Offshore Company
  • UAE Offshore Company

Offshore companies are not permitted to make business inside their country due to jurisdiction laws. Availing of the services of an offshore company ensures the entrepreneurs to receive better profit. Aside from this, there are lots of services they offer to every client.

Investors who want to have a business in Mediterranean Region are more likely to choose Cyprus. With its great location, which is near Europe and Asia, foreign investors are enticed to construct a trading industry in this country. With the help of company formation firms, application is now easier. Requirements for Cyprus company registration include information about company name, company objectives passport copy of the owner or client and a referral letter from the bank. Choosing Cyprus has lots of jurisdiction advantage offers such as tax benefits, confidentiality of shares, good climate and high living standards.


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