There’s a lot of ways to keep the sports shoes in mint condition. These tips must be strictly followed to ensure that the owners can use it for a long period of time while keeping the good performance of the shoes.

Keep at least two pairs of shoes

During the wet and winter season, there’s a bigger chance that the shoes get wet inside. Also, there are times when the feet sweat too much which can also give a wet condition inside the shoes. Having another pair can give enough time to the wet shoes to dry.

The midsole foam also needs enough time to bounce bank. This can possibly happen if there’s another pair of shoes. Maintaining the midsole in good condition makes the cushioning of the shoes fresher.

Replace the insole

Most of the time, insoles absorb the smell of the feet which gives the shoes a stinky odor. The smell may trigger the owner to replace it with a new one. Before doing this, it’s better to consult a doctor or a running expert as they can give guidance about insoles and arch support. Each shoe are made with good insoles that replacing it may not be a good idea unless an arch problem exists.

Label the Shoes

There are times when a shoe owner keeps two pairs of identical shoes for shoe rotation. In this case, labeling the shoes is very important. The outer appearance of the shoes does not matter even if a mismatch happens but it matters when it comes to performance. An imbalance in stride may happen since the shoes have different cycles. One pair may have shorter miles while the other pair may be 10 times farther. Whether it has big or small difference, it can still lead to injury.Look here for more details