A gun is a firearm kit used by professionals for working terms and is also used by other people for things like adventure and for safety terms. There are parts of a gun parts that needs maintenance and upgrade in order to renew it. Today, many online websites are offering their products including gun parts. Here is a list of what are the gun parts available in some stores online today.

Gun Parts and Definition:

·         Barrel – where the bullet is fired through

·         Bayonet – long sharp blade

·         Bore – gun’s gauge

·         Butt – handle of the gun’s end

·         Caliber – tube where the bullet travels

·         Chamber – where the bullet is placed

·         Clip – the bullet container

·         Gauge – barrel of the gun width

·         Hammer – capable of pushing the bullet

·         Holster – container of a gun made of leather

·         Magazine – where the bullet is putted into

·         Muzzle – where the bullet comes out

·         Pommel – end of the gun barrel which is round in shape

·         Ramrod – used to push gunpowder in a gun

·         Range – longer distance where the bullet can take place

·         Safety – capable of stopping a gun from pushing it accidentally

·         Safety catch – gun safety

·         Sight – where the shooter look through to aim

·         Silencer – capable of reducing the sound made of firing the gun

·         Sling – used to carry the gun; made of cloth

·         Trigger – part where finger is placed to fire the gun properly.


                A gun part is very important to maintain and renew in order for the gun to shoot properly. Many websites offers their firearms products which includes the gun parts. There are different types of parts of the gun where one can choose from. One of the best website that offers such service is the Such website also offers other firearm related products such as rifle, shot gun, different accessories, and the likes.Reference taken from here