In buying a leather sofa, brown is one of the most popular colours being chosen by many people.  Why?  Simply because it is a neutral colour that will suit any other colours.  Also, brown denotes a very rich colour for leathers and other leather-like materials.  Hence, it can be said that brown leather sofa is a staple furniture to majority of households all over the world.


Colours of Brown Leather Sofas

When you say brown, there are two different shades that represent the said colour—first is light brown and second is dark brown.  On one hand, light brown conveys the concept of luxury and projects elegance.  It is commonly associated with modern interiors and it has a soothing effect on the eyes.  On the other, dark brown is the most popular compared to light brown because it does not get dirty easily; thus, there is low maintenance when you have a dark brown leather sofa.  Moreover, it is the mainly used colour for traditional looking interiors.  Lastly, dark brown conveys a more serious atmosphere that is perfect for a formal living room that receives formal guests.


Styles of Brown Leather Sofas

The Tufted style has a very formal look and is perfect for a masculine looking room.  There is also the Overstuffed style which is very great for a family room or a den because it promotes ultimate comfort.


Brands of Brown Leather Sofas

Popular brands are Natuzzi, Ashley and Ikea.  Natuzzi is an Italy based brand wherein operations were sourced in China; as a result, quality has been really sacrificed.  Ashley offers full grain leather sofas.  Ikea carries modernized brown leather sofas that are somewhat minimalist in nature.



Whatever shade, style and brand you want to choose, make sure that it will suit your taste, preference, home interior decor and budget.Author is an expert  visit here for more interesting information